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The highest level executive is concerned with the best energy transfer solution to meet the strategic and financial objectives of the organisation.
If a company installs a steam system or chooses to upgrade an existing system, a significant capital investment is required, and the relationship with the system, and the system provider, will be long and involved.

What capital investment is required for the HRC steam generator system?

Installation of a new- or replacing an existing steam system with the latest “on-demand” steam generating technology, the HRC modular steam generators, does not requires large capital investment as is the case with conventional steam boiler systems. However, with the HRC steam generators there is an upfront 5 yearly license fee and a monthly rental charge and this can be considered to be an operating expense rather than capital expenditure or capital investment.

This means that acquiring the HRC modular steam generator system is simpler and less costly than, for example a conventional steam boiler or high temperature hot water system. The high efficiency of the HRC steam generator means that this compact system makes maximum use of floor space, something which is often at a premium within plant. The HRC steam generator system is a less costly, safe, environmentally green and a highly efficient alternative to conventional steam boilers. It requires only small diameter pipes to satisfy a high heat requirement. It does not require costly pumps or balancing, and only two port valves are required.

How will the operating and maintenance costs of a HRC system affect overhead costs?

The high efficiency HRC steam generator uses low cost propane or natural gas fuels. The steam generator can form part of a state-of-the-art Combined Heat and Power plant.

The HRC steam generator typically enjoys a good service life with low maintenance. The “steam on demand” HRC steam generators, from the plant room to the steam required for the process and back again, can be fully automated. This dramatically cuts the cost of boiler attendants and manning the plant.

Sophisticated energy monitoring equipment will ensure that the plant remains energy efficient. All these factors in combination mean that a HRC steam generators system enjoys a low maintenance and low lifetime cost.

If “steam on demand” HRC steam generator modules are installed, how can the best use be made of it?

Steam has a range of uses. It can be used for complex manufacturing or food processes, space heating of large areas or for sterilisation purposes ect.

Using a hospital as an example, steam is ideal because it can be generated at high pressure and distributed over long distances and then reduced in pressure at the point of use. This means that with steam on demand the HRC modular steam generators can suit the needs of all applications around the hospital either individually or simultaneously, for example, heating of wards, air humidification, cooking of food in large quantities and sterilisation of equipment.

It is not as easy to cater efficiently for all these variable, seasonal and cyclical needs with a hot water system or conventional steam boilers.

What if your steam requirements change in the future?

The HRC steam generators are flexible interchangeable steam generator modules, easy to add modules to and easy to install. The capacity of the steam plant can grow with the company and be adjusted to meet any changing steam requirement or business objectives.

What does using the HRC steam generator say about the company?

The use of HRC modular steam generators shows the companies responsibility towards sustainable economical and environmental manufacturing processes. Companies choose HRC steam generators because it can generate steam with high levels of fuel efficiency and with low levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental requirements that are increasingly stringent can be met with ease and with no additional cost. All these characteristics of the HRC steam generator will help the company to get the green tick of approval.