The Technology

Delafield’s Thermo-acoustic high frequency pulse detonation a Harmonic Resonance Combustion technology HRC is superior to the conventional steady state burner and combustion systems commonly used in the heat transfer and boiler industry. HRC is superior, not only in terms of energy efficiency but also in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

This pulse detonation is a new and patent protected technology which uses the supersonic detonation waves and high frequency shock pressure waves to drive and sustain a pulsating and turbulent combustion process that facilitate instant heat and energy exchange from fuel into useful process heat. In a pulse detonation combustor, supersonic detonation waves are the method for transforming chemical energy into usable heat energy.

The flow field inside a pulse detonation combustor is highly turbulent, unsteady and varies largely during each combustion cycles the effect of this that a boundary layer never get established, resulting in a much higher heat and mass transfer than can be achieved with conventional burner systems.

Furthermore the pulse detonation process is more efficient and complete than can be achieved with conventional burner systems, the efficiency and completeness of the process resulting in an overall reduction CO² and NOx emission.

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