Our Mission

To make the best use of our present and future energy sources and ensure fuels and other primary sources get efficiently converted into services you want. Delafield’s “HRC” technology has the capacity to increase production capacity & living environment, whilst decreasing energy consumption and pressure on the environment. We can offer sustainable heat exchange solutions that fit economic and environmental requirements.


With our fundamental research and engineering in heat energy requirements, we have developed reliable energy solutions based on realistic financial analyses.

Our source of inspiration is the environment and the planet we live on, we treat earth, the environment, people and nature respectfully in everything we do. In this way, Delafield Pty Ltd is a leader in the field of sustainable energy innovation. We are continually searching for opportunities and solutions to make our energy resources more efficient and environmentally sustainable. Delafield Pty Ltd is an independent company. Therefore, we are without obligations and entirely free to choose our resources, concepts, materials, suppliers, et cetera.

Smarter and better use of energy saves costs and the environment and often improves the living and working climate. Climate change and increasing scarcity of fossil fuels underline the necessity of saving energy. We have a goal to reduce the energy consumption to sustainable levels therefore we continuous researching and investigating opportunities to realise these goals. Our service provides realistic balance between human well-being, financial boundaries and environmental limitations. Together with you, the client, Delafield Pty Ltd will create ambitious solutions that are well balance and economically and environmentally sustainable.

Control and maintenance are connected with monitoring. Monitoring allows for an evaluation of energy costs. In monitoring your systems and installations, performances can be recorded. We are convinced that our short- and long-term business success depends on constantly finding environmentally and a socio economic responsible solutions and ways to help meet the world’s future energy management.

It is therefore Delafield’s believe that this new technology can make a substantial positive contribution to the socio economic environment in which we live and provide an economic and sustainable solution for its energy consumption and pollution problem we are facing today. This technology breakthrough is a giant leap forward, towards an efficient and greener global environment. Delafield is convinced that this can be achieved within their general and Ethical Business Principles which are important now as will be ever in the future.

Wholistic Consciousness



Environmentally safe and sustainable with near zero NOx emissions.


People Safe

Our HRC systems are safe to operate in all environments.

Environment friendly

Our near zero emissions and high energy efficiency makes this technology the most environmentally friendly technology in the boiler and heat exchange market.

Brighter future

The high efficiency and innovative technology of the HRC system will contribution positively to our socio economic environment, a brighter and cleaner future for all of us.