Delafield is a private company with its registered office in Brisbane, Australia and its principal executive offices and Research and Development facilities are located at 1-33 German Church Road, Carbrook, 4130, Queensland, Australia.

The company was originally founded to serve the horticultural industry, established in 1987 under the name Delafield Pty Ltd. by the founder, Mr. Matthew Fox, (a.k.a.  Mr Theo van der Vossen)  The impending ban of the use of the toxic and ozone- depleting Methyl Bromide gas, necessary for fumigation, soil treatment and sterilization in the horticultural industry, was the catalyst for the formation of a research and development team in 1999; this resulted in the development of a Thermal soil steam- treatment system which is safe and environmentally friendly. Further refining of the soil steam treatment systems has lead to the research into combustion principles.

The company main focus is Thermo-acoustic pulse combustion research and development a technology that will revolutionise the boiler and heat exchange market.

The team invented, developed and build various prototypes of a highly energy- efficient  pulsed  combustion to detonation systems with near- zero emissions of nitrogen oxides, commonly known as NOx and carbon monoxide, commonly known as CO, this ultra- clean detonation system is referred to as  HRC or “Harmonic Resonance Combustion” technology”

Model release

1. Initial model
The first commercial model the “XERONOX -T20” was released in 2008

2. Current model
The current model XERONOX – T24 went into production in 2012


3. Future development

The development of larger capacity model is well advanced and is scheduled to be released late 2013